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“Who Shall Be Able To Stand?” By: Kenneth Peasley

A Wonderfully Crafted Interpretation of the Apocalypse

There are many books that discuss conventional interpretations of the Bible, especially when it comes to our last days in this world. Such books are usually dry and boring; their stories and explanations are just being repeated and rewritten in different versions.

Thankfully, Kenneth Peasley’s “Who Shall Be Able To Stand?is anything but dry and noncommittal. Kenneth is exceptionally nuanced in his explanations about significant Bible interpretations. His judgments are ecumenical and fair.

It's quite commendable how he puts forward Biblical questions that many people never even bothered to think about. Despite the book's seemingly intimidating title, “Who Shall Be Able To Stand? was masterfully crafted to be unassuming. Unlike many books that talk about Bible interpretations, this one is surprisingly easy to understand. Thanks to the excellent structure of the book, readers are funneled into each chapter without any trouble.

Kenneth Peasley takes the readers on an exhilarating journey of learning the terrain of the Bible. He lays the groundwork with dozens of examples of misconceptions, misuse of words, and faulty arguments. The book also teaches the right way to approach Biblical understanding in the literary sense. The Isaiah 28 principle is used within this book for a spiritual understanding by letting the Bible interpret itself with no preconceived ideas or 'man-centered conclusions'.

Little knowledge of the Biblical language is required to understand this book. However, knowledge of the Bible will be a great help to study its principles and teachings. Still, one cannot be hindered by delving deeply into the scriptures. “Who Shall Be Able To Stand? is really about pondering and the liberation of the mind and spirit through the true Word of God.

The book highlights many significant Bible verses, especially in the Revelation­, where the prophetic end will happen. It also includes direct quotations from the King James Version of the Bible, which helps the readers easily understand what the author is talking about. Each topic is creatively formatted with thorough summary and on-point explanations.

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