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The Unjust “Justice”: Revealing the Gaping Hole in the Mental Justice System By: Edward Castle

Henry Carmel has schizophrenia – a mental illness that torments him with imaginary voices and visions, which affects his judgment and actions. In his late teens, when he was attacked by a huge dog, he panicked and accidentally killed the animal. That’s when everything when sideways for Henry because of the mental health system and its conflicting relationship with the justice system.

The Unjust “Justice” is a story of a young man who lost his freedom because of the abusive system of injustice, greed, corruption, and social stigma.

It may not be a fast-paced courtroom thriller. This piece of work is not as gritty as John Grisham’s novels, but it poses a gruesome truth that we all have to face: There is injustice, and the system is allowing it to happen. You may find it compulsive and disturbing but in a good way.

The Unjust “Justice” may not be the sort of book that could turn into a successful movie.

At times, it appears to follow the usual Hollywood formula, but then, it retreats to what it is really about – reality. This book gives us a strong dose of reality with an important point to make. It may come across to some readers as an agenda-driven story, but it’s still an absorbing book that has a lasting impression.

While it may not a be courtroom thriller, as many readers crave most, it still tells a compelling story about abuse of power, corruption, greed, cruelty, and how the justice system enables the power-hungry people to do as they please.

Instead of decrying litigations that involve large corporations and courtroom drama, Edward Castle managed to delve into a gripping story of how the mentally ill could fall victim to the injustices of our society. He managed to conjure up images with a stark, insightful reality we often hear in court cases.

Edward Castle’s The Unjust “Justice” has successfully accomplished what it’s aiming for in the fir place: to alert the public and help stop the abuse of power against the criminalization of the mentally ill.

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