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LA Times Festival of Books 2022: The Regency Publishers Joins the Fun!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Reuniting with fellow book lovers at the LA Times Festival of Books is always a joy. This event happens annually and is always free and open to the public. It's the perfect opportunity to explore new books and genres, while also getting to meet the authors themselves!

It will also expand your horizons by exposing you to new cultures, as the festival celebrates books from around the world. Aside from that, this event gives a voice to aspiring writers who wish to share their work with the public.

This is an event that is highly recommended to anyone who loves reading, regardless of your age! In short, attending book fairs will make you happy by making you smarter, more cultured and giving you a chance to meet new friends.

So, mark the LA Times Festival of Books on your calendar and join us for a day of fun! You won't regret it.

But why LA Times Festival of Books is celebrated?

According to Anna Magzanyan, it celebrates the diversity of voices and forms of storytelling that enrich all our lives. So, come join us as we celebrate the written word! This coming April 23-24, you will enjoy not just the books but also the company of others who love them just as much as you do.

In fact, here are the reasons why you should join book lovers in the celebration of books and reading:

· You can also meet writers that will inspire you and exchange thoughts with other readers.

· It's a perfect opportunity to explore new genres and books that you might not have considered before.

· This is a great opportunity to bond with other people who share your love for reading!

However, you will need a ticket to enter the event. So, make sure to get one soon, and don't let this chance of fun pass you by!

And of course, The Regency Publishers will be there in full force and is happy to be joining in on the fun! We'll have a booth set up with all our latest releases, so be sure to swing by and say hello. We will offer you books, bookmarks, and other fun goodies, so make sure to come to see us!

Looking for something new to read? Our staff will be on hand to recommend some of our personal favorites. We can't wait to see you there!

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