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Four Steps to Creating a Successful Author Platform

Embracing the career of becoming a writer may not be as tedious as it looks initially, but you’re wrong! In fact, building the foundations of your job is one of the most tedious processes, although it will be worth the hard work. Once you set your foundations for your writing career, maintenance and work are the only things you’ll think next. Building an author platform is necessary to create a stable job and platform for your books. It is a medium that allows the writer to reach their readers and market their works, including increasing visibility for potential customers. An author platform boosts a writer’s career and is a must, especially when getting started. Here are four steps to creating a fantastic author platform:

1. Create your brand and know your target audience. Your platform must always complement your target audience. Remember, you are creating the platform for your readers to know you better and follow your activities on a daily. Take a while and note what your readers want to see and hear from you, then plan out the author platform, social media accounts, or aesthetic you will use. These things would also define your brand, so you should plan it out before starting.

2. Create an author website. What is an author platform without a website? Creating a website to display your books, blogs, awards, and other content would boost your writing standing. A website can also be personalized, and unlike social media sites, everything you post on your website is yours. An important thing to remember is that you simply don’t exist without an author’s website. Newsletters and blog sites are also valuable features to add to your website; these features would bring your readers’ experience to a maximum level because they get to see real-time updates and content to read while waiting for your next book.

3. Maintain your social media presence. You should not let your social media platforms become dull along with your website. A stale social media platform tends to lose some followers. The more your readers see your activities, the more they are encouraged to learn about you. Like your website, you can create free and engaging content for your followers; avoid spamming and reusing repetitive posts. We suggest that you make a content schedule for your social media sites and websites for your content to be consistent.

4. Explore and have fun. After building your author website and social media accounts, it’s time to sit back and relax. However, there are still plenty of things to do! You can explore and join webinars. You can also enter contests and post your awards on your website. These things would strengthen your credibility and make more people look forward to your future projects. Aside from these, following and looking up other authors in the industry would help you understand the essence of these activities for the career. You can take note from them on how they engage with their readers; it would be a helpful guide for your career.

Making an author platform from scratch can be intimidating at first, but everything can be done without stress with proper planning. Entering the writing industry doesn’t consist of manuscripts and pencils; there are many tools you would need to learn to become a successful author. You can also forge connections with other people in the industry and widen your social circle—this would benefit you in the long run. You must also not forget to be consistent in your things, so you don’t bore your readers while waiting for your forthcoming books. Finally, an important thing to remember is to START NOW.

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