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Chasing Truth by Joel Zao: A Book Review

“All things start with words.” This sentence is written at the beginning of Joel Butler’s book under the pen name of Joel Zao. Opening the book, one would read these words in the preface and acknowledgments. A powerful quote that would surely capture a reader's attention and make him continue reading on this preface, as this section of the book is usually ignored by many. It is true—all things do start with words, in the form of texts, gestures, verbal sayings, and drawings. Words start everything, and words tell the truth. People seek the truth while they live, chasing upon it as how the book’s title imposes. Chasing Truth is perfect for those who study the Bible and seek the purposeful and serious truth about the Gospel.

Chasing Truth is not like any other gospel book as it explains and carefully discusses the scriptures in a revealing approach. The book circles on Paul’s letter to the Romans and gives a complete analysis, explaining it more clearly to readers who can have trouble studying the Gospel. Aside from this, a thousand explanations about Paul’s letter can give confusion to the truth-seeking mind. Joel Zao offers a straightforward path to lead the readers to the truth without any distractions while reading the book. The first eight chapters of Chasing Truth tackle the elements of faith that Paul planned to teach his believers and help them live with the truth. Joel Zao studied the letter for twenty-five years and made a book that aimed to build a foundation on the truth of the scriptures. However, the author always reminds us that Chasing Truth is not intended to reflect Paul’s letter.

With the help of Joel Zao’s family and his study group, Chasing Truth is modified and becomes a masterpiece that aims to reveal the truth distinctly to help people understand the Bible clearer and learn the Gospel. Learning the Gospel does not only include that a Christian must know all the events, the stories, and the truth written in the Bible; it means that one must live with the foundations set by the Gospel. Chasing Truth would remind every Christian of how one must embrace the truth and live according to it.

Chasing Truth establishes a foundation and is truly a must-read for Christians and everyone who belongs in any group or any age. The scripture and the Gospel transform people of all ages to become better continuously and always keep their faith. The community needs a book like this to help them realize the truth and clear their path into a bright future ahead.

All in all, Chasing Truth is written with revelations and Joel Zao’s expertise on the subject, along with the revisions and the years spent in writing this book, sparked through. Readers would grasp and understand the truth with the words of this book, nurturing them on their whole life. Check it out on Amazon and other bookstores.

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