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Breakthrough Book Battle Offers Selected Authors to Reach the Next Level Once Again

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A book that isn’t known by anyone rather than the author itself would hardly sell. After the countless days and sleepless nights that an author spent while writing a book, it is common to say it’s hardly done yet. Of course, you have a book that is yet to be known by the world! However, the question is, how would a book become known by the world?

Publishing a book is one of the most challenging steps in becoming a full-fledged author. It is the crucial step to decide whether your book would become a one-way ticket to reach the world or whether you would need to write another manuscript. There are mainly two ways to do it—traditional or self-publishing. If you’re one of those independent authors new to the writing industry, publishing might seem intimidating. The processes it involves include book formatting, editing, designing the book cover, and implementing a marketing strategy to sell and promote your book. Too much for a beginner, right?

Becoming an author means investing financial properties in certain agencies to allow your book to thrive in the industry. Of course, it means easy work, but you need to pay for their services. In these intimidating processes comes the face of traditional publishing which involves finding a literary agent or a publishing house to take care of all the publishing processes. Aside from the finances, you would need to handle, your platform, social media presence, and all aspects of your career must also be kept in check. Pretty tiring to manage all of that in one go. However, another rare opportunity would allow authors of all genres and ages to boost their marketing and publishing campaigns to the next level.

The Regency Publishers have an annual event called Breakthrough Book Battle that will also happen this year. It is the perfect event for authors who want to grab a deal off the standard fees of being in the book industry. It selects specific inspiring authors to rise above everyone else. These are some of the benefits that one can have if they are one of the chosen authors of the Regency Publishers:

· Connect you to the International Market

· Provide proof of the outstanding worth of your book

· Widen your platform to display your craft and talent throughout your whole career

· Brighten your portfolio

· Increase your sales since today is “Book Buying Season”

· Become a front-page cover of The Regency Publishers Magazine

· Financial Benefits – these include $10,000.00 to provide the winning authors a huge kick-start for their future ventures

· Breakthrough Book Battle Service Inclusions – consists of a free half-page feature on the printed magazines (original service cost: $2,000.00) and social media exposure for four (4) weeks (actual service cost: $999.00)

Indeed, The Regency Publishers offers a rare chance for you to become one of the beneficiaries of their annual event, Breakthrough Book Battle. Register now for only $1,000.00, and you get an entry for a slot to win the most notable benefits that you can get as an author. What are you waiting for? Register now!

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