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A Nonfiction Book's Marketing: 5 Steps to More Sales

Nonfiction books range from a wide array of topics—memoirs, biographies, academic texts, instructional textbooks, and those books that most of us finds as materials for a project. If writing a nonfiction book requires expertise, publishing it requires different strategies that authors must know. No worries, though, since it is known that nonfiction books are proven to sell more than fiction books. Earn and learn about the techniques for marketing your nonfiction book. This article gives you the following five steps to increase your sales in selling nonfiction books:

1. Reach your target audience. Focus on the core of your book, its message, and find out the kind of audience you will need to thrive on. Your target audience is the ones who are likely to read your book and look forward to the books you are about to publish. Get to know them, interact with them, and build a stable community for them.

2. Improve your book’s appearance. You cannot control the public eye once your book is out in bookstores and websites. Do your best to make the best impression in your book to capture people’s attention. Aside from making an eye-catching book cover, author photo, you can also include book blurbs—quotes about you or your book from people your target audience trusts. Don’t forget to polish your elevator pitch, as this would be a primary tool for people to consider buying your book. Overall, make sure that your branding would leave an impression for potential customers and increase the chances of buying your book and joining your community.

3. Build your online presence. If you haven’t made an author website, you should stop reading to make one. It would be best if you also took a while to browse social media sites and choose a maximum of two platforms to make it your own. These online platforms would help your book become more known to everybody. You can also put out blogs related to the topic of your nonfiction book and put it out there for people to read. You can also make an email list for people who want to subscribe to your newsletter and follow daily updates for your upcoming books. Who knows, they might even become readers!

4. Get reviews. Whether good or bad, reviews would improve the legitimacy and publicity of your book. It would determine how helpful your target audience find your nonfiction book and, at the same time, encourage other people to check out your book.

5. Get endorsements. Finally, try to get endorsements as much as possible. It’s not only about paying big for advertisements, but you can also try collaborating with other authors, hosting a webinar, guesting on podcasts or YouTube vlogs, or giving away your books to certain people. These endorsements would widen the “word-of-the-mouth” for your book.

Publishing nonfiction books may look hard, but you are sure to hit those sales that rise into the top with the right strategies. Only remember to be consistent and to interact with your community. Your readers would be the prominent factor in keeping your nonfiction books on the top-selling list so remember to keep them engaged with you and your activities. Just keep on solving the familiar “reader” problems, and you will become one of the most known bestselling authors in town!

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